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Wisconsin's Association for Orthopaedic Professionals

The Wisconsin Orthopaedic Society

The purpose of the Wisconsin Orthopaedic Society is to enhance the commitment of practicing orthopaedic surgeons in Wisconsin, to stay current of information and advancements in the dynamic practice of modern orthopaedic surgery, to maintain the highest medical and ethical standards, and ultimately to optimize service and care to our patients. This is encouraged by our members and promoted by our educational and informative process.

Our focus is three fold: Empowering Patients. Connecting Providers. Advancing Practices.

Empowering Patients

We help today’s patients gather resources on orthopaedic care and conditions in an unbiased, helpful manner. By giving them a better understanding of their healthcare options, our Society empowers patients to make the best choices possible for their orthopaedic care. 

Connecting Providers

As a medical professional, building relationships with your peers helps strengthen your clinical practice as well as patient outcomes. The Wisconsin Orthopaedic Society provides an opportunity to connect with your colleagues no matter the size or your practice, scope of your services or Healthcare System affiliation. We help connect providers through our:

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Advancing Practices

From Continuing Medical Education to advancing the specialty of orthopaedics across our state, the Society serves to build both practices and providers. We are healthcare advocates, seeking to form relationships with medical colleges and universities, device manufacturers, policy makers, and others who help to foster new talent and technologies in the orthopaedic space. Our programs include:

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